For Indonesian Only
(The Commite only provide 50 free paper & 30 poster slot)



  1. Free Paper/ Poster participants should be Resident/ GP only and have to be registered as a lecture participant and will received IDR 300,000 cashback/batch.
  2. Free paper or Poster’s abstract topic should be in Spine Scope
  3. Abstracts must be submitted and presented in English only and in Microsoft Word format.
  4. Abstract submission deadline : April 13th, 2023, through e-mail : spineworkshop2023@gmail.com, and only 50 Free Paper and 30 Poster Participants will be accepted
  5. The final presentation type (free paper presentation or poster) will be decided by commitee and announced by e-mail or whatsapp to participants on April 25th , 2023 at the latest.
  6. There will be a reward for the best presenter, either Free Paper or Poster

Abstract’s Guidelines

  1. It is author’s responsibility to submit a correct abstract. Any errors in spelling, grammar or scientific fact will be reproduced as typed by the author.
  2. Main Author — Individual who is submitting the abstract. All correspondence will be done by the main author.
  3. Abstract should have a short specific title (containing no abbreviations) that indicates the nature of investigation.
  4. Title should be in boldface font and not exceed 20 words in UPPERCASE only.
  5. Up to four
  6. Abstract Body (300-word maximum) separated into:
    • Objectives – At least two clear, and measurable learning objectives must be included. Learning objectives are not included in the abstract word count.
    • Background – A brief statement of why  study was conducted.
    • Methods – The method(s) of study or experimental approach must be briefly defined.
    • Results – Summary of study results, including sufficient details to support those conclusions must be described.
    • Conclusions – Statement explaining the significance of the work and its implications for further research.
  7. List of Authors — Up to 11 list of authors can be included.  (should consist of  full names with credentials, city and state or country ).
  8. Disclosure conflict of interest — This is required for presenting author, as well as agreement with Terms and Conditions.
  9. Graphs/ tables/ images should not be included in the abstract.

Abstract’s Selection

Abstracts will be reviewed and scored by independent reviewers to ensure high quality scientific.. Abstracts acceptance criteria will be as follows :

  • Title: clear description of presentation and contents.
  • Conciseness, coherence, clarity and focus of presentation.
  • Innovativeness of ideas, methods and or approach.
  • Methodology: research design if an empirical study, including clearly stated questions, data sources, data collection procedures, analytic approach and results.
  • Relevance, currently, appropriateness and significance of the topics / issue / problems.

Free Paper Presentation Guidelines

  1. File name format: Presenter name – topic.
  2. Slide presentation and discussion should be in English
  3. Equipment provided by committee: LCD Projector hooked up to a desktop or laptop, laser pointer.
  4. The conference desktop or laptop are being supplied with Windows7 and Microsoft Office 2013
  5. Presenter can not use his or her own laptop
  6. When combining video films with Power Point for oral presentation, please note to Insert pictures as JPG files (not TIFF or PICT-these images will not be visible on a Power Point based PC). Use a common movie format, such as MP4 and WMV (MOV files from Quick Time will not be visible on a Power Point based PC).
  7. Please submit the presentation file through e-mail spineworkshop2023@gmail.com on May 10th, 2023 at the latest (for committee’s back up).
  8. During online submission, the following information is required for all authors:
    • Full name
    • Affiliation (organization/institution, city, province)
    • Email address
    • Phone number (Whatsapp)
  9. Participant should have registered as a participant before submit the presentation file.
  10. Each Oral Presentation consists of 8 slide presentations of 8 minutes for each participant. This timeframe includes presenter introductions, presentations and two to three minutes for questions from the jury.
  11. Bring your presentation on USB jump/flash drive and submit to Slide Counter at the latest 3 hours before your presentation.

Poster Presentation Guidelines

  1. Poster printed with 80 x 100 cm dimension; Potrait orientation; and using Art Paper – (doff paper) only. .
  2. Poster should describe research, innovation, reviews or case presentation.
  3. Participant should registered as a participant before submit his/her poster.
  4. Poster submission deadline : May 12th , 2023 at 4 pm (participants should put the posters by themselves on poster panels at Hotel Holiday Inn Pasteur – Bandung and bring your own equipment (scissors and double tips))

Poster or Paper Submission Form